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Clients • 4th Dec, 2018 • 1

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To post a comment, first click on the 'Read More' button and there you will find a 'Comment' form. Complete that and, after the Admin has approved it, you'll see it on that web page.  You can use HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to format your message:-

HTML tags: <a>Defines a link to another web page</a>
<br>defines a single line break</br>         
<strong>defines important text</strong>     
<b>defines bold text</b>   
<em>creates italic text</em>
<i>usually displays italic but the <em> tag is preferred for this</i>
<blockquote>defines a section that is quoted from another source</blockquote>
<code>defines a section of computer code</code>
<ul>inserts an unordered HTML list</ul>
<ol>inserts an ordered HTML list</ol>
<li>this shows an item in either of the above mentioned lists</li>
<del>text with a deleted part; usually used with the <ins> tag to show the replavement text.</del>

For detailed descriptions of HTML tags with examples, W3Schools is a good source of information.

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  1. Arthur

    Very helpful comments with reference to the HTML tags.


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You can use the following HTML tags: <a><br><strong><b><em><i><blockquote><code><ul><ol><li><del>

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