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Fifth blog entry

Clients • 4th Dec, 18 • 1 Comments


To post a comment, first click on the 'Read More' button and there you will find a 'Comment' form. Complete that and, after the Admin has approved it, you'll see it on that web page.  You can use HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) to format your message:-

HTML tags: <a>Defines a link to another web page</a>
<br>defines a single line break</br>         
<strong>defines important text</strong>     
<b>defines bold text</b>   
<em>creates italic text</em>
<i>usually displays…



Fourth blog entry

Philosophy • 4th Dec, 18 • 2 Comments


Here is an example of a blog with an image included - please feel free to make a comment in the form provided on the full blog.

On the blog list page only a small selection of the complete text is shown.   Simply click on the "Read More" button to see the full entry.

Curlbrook has been in the computer programming business since the mid 1970s when the first microprocessors became available and we built…



Third blog entry

Clients • 4th Dec, 18 • 0 Comments


This is blog entry number 3, intended just to show how the system works.



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